Web Designer vs. Web Developer

The line between web designer and web developer is often blurred because there is a lot of overlap.

Generally speaking, a web designer’s focus is the look and feel of a website; a web developer focuses on the technical side of things. However, a developer who does client-side programming will have a direct impact on the look, layout and feel of a website. Because of this, web designers and web developers will often both know HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

For larger-scale web projects, however, the distinction is often much more defined:

A web designer will use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create the logos, graphics and layout that determine the look and feel of a website.
The web developer will still have to understand the aesthetics and art direction of the web designer if they are handling client-side scripts, but they will be more concerned with functionality and features, like the shopping cart on an ecommerce website.